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Class Action

Kentucky Class Actions in Environmental Matters

At the Kentucky environmental law firm of Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC, we have experience with and an ongoing interest in class action lawsuits across Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati region.

Our respected environmental and energy lawyers have co-counseled with other firms in a number of toxic torts and complex civil litigations. Our innovative, high-tech electronic data discovery process complements our legal knowledge and experience in getting results for you.

Class action lawsuits can be filed on behalf of victims of dangerous or defective products, consumer or investment fraud, environmental damage and toxic exposures, antitrust violations and wrongful death cases. Whatever the condition or incident that triggers the class action, you'll receive our law office's large-firm experience and small-firm commitment in resolving it.

Contact Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC in Kentucky today if you or a group of like-minded individuals are contemplating a class action lawsuit. We pride ourselves on our virtual 24/7 availability to you by phone, fax or e-mail.

Large-Firm Experience, Small-Firm Commitment to Your Class Action

The proposed class must consist of a group of individuals or business entities that have suffered a common injury or injuries. Typically, these cases result from the misconduct of a defendant company or defective product or policy that applied to all proposed class members in the same or substantial similar manner. A class action lawsuit also saves our often-overworked court system time, effort and scheduling difficulties by allowing a large group's common claims to be resolved in a single action.

If you or a group of co-workers or affected individuals are examining your class action lawsuit options, we can be of tremendous assistance to you. We'll speak loudly and clearly for your rights and interests.

Bring Your Class Action to Us

Our experienced, committed Kentucky lawyers can bring a track record of success to your plans for a class action lawsuit. Contact Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC today and discuss those plans with us. We can be reached on a virtual 24/7 basis by phone, fax and e-mail.