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Environmental Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence Needs?

Consult an Experienced Kentucky Attorney.

When the need arises, the attorneys at the law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC, regularly advise our Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati corporate clients on, what's been termed, environmental due diligence.

We’ve worked hard to anticipate and spot environmental issues before they become painful, expensive legal problems for you. These valuable services are contained in our mission to offer large-law-firm experience and personalized small-law-firm commitment to your unique business needs.

We conduct comprehensive, and cost-effective environmental due diligence investigations for a wide range of clients. Our firm's founder Jeffrey M. Sanders and his associates identify environmental risks and liabilities that could be critical elements in corporate acquisitions and real estate transactions. We identify the environmental “deal breakers” in a proposed transaction. Each case is different, but we can often work through these complex issues by use of appropriate contract language that sufficiently protects our clients and allows them to successfully complete the deal.

No environmental due diligence project is too large or too small. For example, Jeffrey M. Sanders spearheaded an environmental due diligence audit for a $1.2 billion lease of multiple coal-fired electric generating plants. He has also conducted environmental due diligence audits for the purchase of a small corner lot where a gasoline station previously operated. Regardless of size, each environmental due diligence audit was handled with the same skill and attention to detail. All of our due diligence clients are important to us. Our track record of success in representing your interests is a matter of public record.

Your initial consultation with Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC is as close as your phone, fax or e-mail. Contact us today so we can discuss your firm's environmental due diligence during an initial consultation.

Large-Firm Experience, Small-Firm Commitment to Environmental, Health and Safety Training

You can depend on our experienced lawyers to train your company's employees and managers on a wide variety of cutting-edge compliance issues relating to environmental, health and safety issues, such as air pollution and water pollution. We are willing to travel to your plant or facility to provide environmental, health and safety training.

We can also draft your company's policies, procedures and safety handbooks on environment, health, and safety, as well as review and improve existing ones.

Our attorneys have worked with many national, regional and local environmental engineering firms on large and small remediation projects throughout Kentucky. We'll see to it that you retain qualified engineering consultants for environmental remediation and construction projects.

You'll also appreciate the benefits and potential costs savings of our substantial experience in monitoring and oversight of planning and implementing environmental engineering projects. Environmental remediation is generally very expensive to conduct. Large cost overruns of such projects are not unusual. We'll monitor those projects so they are kept on budget and on time for your business or company. Whenever you're ready to talk environmental due diligence, we're willing to listen and ready to help.

By Phone, Fax or E-Mail

That's how you can schedule your initial consultation with the Kentucky environmental law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC. We welcome the opportunity to discuss plans for your business's environmental due diligence. Our well-known large-firm experience and small-firm commitment can get the desired results for you.