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Environmental Law

Environmental Law Issues: Experienced Kentucky Attorneys

For more than 20 years of professional legal service to individual and corporate clients in Greater Cincinnati and throughout the state of Kentucky, Jeffrey M. Sanders has offered large-law-firm experience and small-law-firm commitment in resolving your legal difficulties.

Our law office’s complex civil litigation record is impressive for a small boutique litigation law firm. We pursue and defend regulatory lawsuits in all major federal and state environmental regulatory programs, including the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and Superfund. We have also litigated citizen suits filed under the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act in federal court for individuals suing companies that pollute.

Jeffrey M. Sanders has substantial experience with Title V permitting and the Acid Rain Program. Our law firm has represented a number of prominent industrial, chemical and manufacturing clients in Title V permitting matters. Jeffrey M. Sanders and associates excel in dealing with issues of storm water, air pollution and hazardous and solid waste as well as advising companies on sophisticated strategies for environmental due diligence.

Our innovative electronic office with cutting edge technology is a tremendous asset to us. It enables us to conduct the kind of high-tech electronic discovery that can protect your rights, advance your case in court, and promote your future business goals.

Contact us today to arrange an initial consultation. We will work to protect your rights and advance your legal goals and interests at the law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders.

Large-Firm Experience, Small-Firm Commitment to You

We can help you obtain the proper regulatory permits for your company. We have experience in the following state and federal permitting programs that are usually needed for the construction or operation of a manufacturing or industrial facility:

  • RCRA Subtitle D landfill
  • RCRA Part A or B permits
  • Clean Air Act (Title V) permits
  • SIP, PSD, NAAQS and BACT reviews
  • NPDES permits
  • KPDES permits
  • Storm-water runoff permits

In addition to assisting with the necessary permits for your facility, we will perform these and all other related legal services on time and on budget. We pay close attention to the bottom line in performing legal services for our business clients.

More importantly, we make sure to obtain permits with emission limits that your plant can legitimately meet. We will follow up after the permit is issued and put together a cohesive strategy on meeting compliance with emission limits, as well as other obligations and requirements found in your company’s regulatory permits.

Throughout the permitting process, we will work closely with you and your environmental staff, so you can plan and maintain operational compliance with applicable air, water and waste regulations. We work hard to keep current with environmental law and regulations so that our clients are knowledgeable of changes to permitting and other environmental regulatory programs. We continually work to remain on the cutting edge of environmental law and science.

Our respected attorneys are ready to contribute with creative strategies for any legal problem at the law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders. Contact us today.

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Are you tired of being “just another billable client” for a mega-law firm? Are you tired of your company’s legal problem being passed off to the newest associate for review? See Kentucky lawyer Jeffrey M. Sanders' large-firm experience and small-firm commitment in action during your initial consultation. You can arrange a free initial consultation with us by phone, fax or e-mail. We look forward to serving your environmental legal needs in a time and cost efficient manner.