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Government Relations / Brownfields

Kentucky Attorneys Advising on Government Relations and Brownfield Properties

We work hard to develop, maintain and encourage good cooperative working relationships with federal, state and local government agencies at the Kentucky environmental law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC. Our established cooperative working relationship is a bonus for each and every one of our Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati clients.

The government relations and Brownfields portions of our veteran law practice are two more prime examples of our intent to provide large-law-firm experience and small-law-firm commitment to our clients, especially for those who regularly do business with the government or whose operations are regulated by an environmental regulatory agency.

We actively assist clients with an array of essential state and federal permitting programs. We can help you submit the correct, necessary construction applications and obtain the proper operations permits for you and we can do it efficiently. We advise as to compliance with regulatory permits and keep you mindful of the obligations that go with them.

Find out more about aspects of government relations that could be essential to your business and legal standing. Call, fax or e-mail for your initial consultation with our Kentucky law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC today.

Large-Firm Experience, Small-Firm Commitment to Your Legal Needs

When you need a qualified lawyer to lead or guide through the confusing bureaucratic maze associated with redeveloping Brownfields properties, think of Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC.

Brownfields are a potential alternative to building manufacturing facilities in virgin farmland or a green space. For the past decade, the state of Kentucky has pushed for redevelopment of previously contaminated property, especially in its larger cities where contaminated property often sits vacant in prime industrial locations.

We support the government’s efforts in this area and welcome the opportunity to assist you in the redeveloping of Brownfields property. Done correctly, it is a wonderful way to recycle and reuse prime industrial sites located in many of our cities. We strongly advocate redevelopment of Brownfields property in the proper situation.

Kentucky's Voluntary Environmental Remediation Act provides a time-saving, cost-effective method of cleaning up and reusing Brownfields property through the state’s Voluntary Cleanup Program. This regulatory program can often provide significant protections for our clients against potential liabilities that may otherwise be associated with the property's use.

For example, a client may enter into an agreed order with the state agency to clean up a Brownfield property. Once the work is complete, the client will receive a covenant not to sue from the state, upon completion of an approved corrective action plan. Done correctly, it can be a tremendous “win-win” situation for everyone involved. And that's just one example of how our environmentally forward-looking law firm can capably assist you in putting the benefits of this regulatory program to work.

For trusted assistance with any and all facets of environmental law, government relations or Brownfields in Kentucky, contact us today.

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We cover the state of Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati with our large-firm experience and small-firm commitment to your government relations and Brownfields legal concerns. Contact us today to set your initial consultation with Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC.