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Natural Resources

Natural Resources Management — Lawyers Serving Kentucky

Our belief in the prudent use and management of our region's and nation's precious natural resources is manifest in everything we do at the respected environmental law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders, PLLC in Kentucky. Kentucky is truly blessed with an abundance of Natural Resources, including coal, oil and natural gas, timber, metals, limestone and other minerals, and fresh water.

In Jeffrey M. Sanders’ more than 20 years of legal practice, he has advanced and protected his clients' and the public’s legal interests in the areas of clean drinking water, clean air, abatement of pollution and building of a state-of-art solid waste landfill. Clients have included municipalities, utilities, and companies, large and small.

Our Kentucky natural resources law firm also serves clients in Greater Cincinnati with the same large-law-firm experience and small-law-firm client commitment. We are prepared to litigate your rights and interests in court, if necessary.

We're aided in these efforts by our law office's unique electronic office whose electronic data discovery techniques can produce positive outcomes at trial. Our work for you in general is a blend of the tried, true, traditional, and cutting edge technology. Our track record is a matter of public record.

Contact our Kentucky attorneys today to arrange an initial consultation. We make it a point to be consistently available to address any question or concern. Reach us by phone, fax or e-mail.

Large-Firm Experience, Small-Firm Commitment to Natural Resources

At the law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders, we can insightfully advise water districts, municipalities, lobbying groups, farmers, landowners, businesspeople and anyone else with interests in water rights and natural resources matters such as:

  • Drinking water
  • Storm water Plans
  • KPDES Permits
  • Best Management Plans
  • Water rights permitting
  • Water transfers
  • Water liens
  • Irrigation
  • Irrigation canals
  • Landfills
  • Negotiations on access to water
  • Pollution
  • Radiation
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse
  • Forest and Timber Rights
  • Coal, oil and natural gas

Whatever the natural resource, whatever your short-term or long-range legal or business goal, our respected Kentucky attorneys can customize our aggressive representation to your needs and remain available to you at all times.

If we can be of service to your company or family business on an environmental, regulatory or natural resources issues, please contact the trusted Kentucky law office of Jeffrey M. Sanders today.

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You, your company, your family or service organization can benefit from the special focus we place on the environment and natural resources. We boast large-firm experience and small-firm commitment to helping you. Contact us today for a consultation.